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14 things you don't know about Smelly from SPY
Posted by Tilly's on Monday, February 03, 2014

During our meeting with SPY at Agenda Tradeshow in Long Beach we asked Smelly, who is the Marketing guru at SPY a couple questions.


Obviously Smelly was pretty serious about our little questionnaire, which can be read below.



Q: Smelly, good to see you again. Can you tell us what your favorite state is and why exactly?

A: California by far. The beaches, mountains, deserts and nice ladies all around make it a very easy place to live


Q:Who is the most influential athlete of all time?

A: Definitely Wayne Gretzky. He's the one that brought hockey to California


Q:If you had a unicorn as a pet, what would her/his name be and what would she/he look like?

A: I had a unicorn for a little. Her name was Gladys. She was white with glitter and had a pink horn.... sexxxxxy


Q: What did your last received text message say and who sent it to you?

A: "OK, anytime :))" From Nikke Blackout. She was probably talking about showing me her boobs


Q: Name 2 artists that will be blowing up this year

A: Both MJ and Tupac will be making a comeback. I guarantee it


Q: As a child, what did you want to become?

A: I really wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Seaworld


Q: Are you a mommy, or a daddy's child? (Question can be ignored in case parents read blog entry)



Q:Name one thing you're absolutely terrible at?

A: I really can't think of anything right now



Q:Text over voicemail, or just leave it at a missed call?

A: Voicemail, you're there already


Q: What songs have you been playing on repeat lately?

A: My iPod is broken, so my radio is on most of the time and Katy Perry comes on A LOT!


Q: What's your favorite color?

A: Yellow


Q: What is on your 'NOT TO DO' list?

A: Skydiving. Heights shiver me timbers


Q: If you had the Tilly's crew over for dinner, what would you cook for us?

A: Hot pockets. I love cooking like a professional for the professionals


Q: Do you prefer your eggs hard, or soft boiled?

A: Not fertilized


With this little questionnaire we do want to mention that we have some exciting things coming with SPY this year. So stay tuned to be ahead of all your friends and be the first one to know what the newest is.