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14 things you don't know about PSD Underwear ambassador Manny Santiago
Posted by Tilly's on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recently we sat down with PSD Underwear ambassador Manny Santiago and asked him a couple questions in the extend of our "14 things you don't know about" series.

Manny recently joined the PSD posse and will act as a brand ambassador for everything PSD Underwear related. Congrats, Manny!


T: Manny, good to see you again. Can you tell us what your favorite state is and why exactly?

M: Well, my favorite state is not really a state but it's own island, which is PUERTO RICO.

T: Who is the most influential athlete of all time?

M: In a sense of Skateboarding I would say Eric Koston. As for Athlete I would say Michael Jordan. I always tell everyone that Eric is the Jordan of skating, so I guess this makes sense! Haha

T: If you had a unicorn as a pet, what would her/his name be and what would she/he look like?

M: He would be named "Uni" Short for "Unicorn" haha also he would be all black with White eyes/Red pupils, Silver head hair and a missing front tooth.




  T: What did your last received text message say and who sent it to you?

M: This artist from NYC "SEEMORIAH" and it said "I'll be here all night, lol"

T: Name 2 artists that will be blowing up this year?

M: Hopsin and Black Dave.

T: As a child, what did you want to become?

M: Honestly everything, haha. I was a happy kid.

T: Are you a mommy, or a daddy's child? (Question can be ignored in case parents read blog entry)

M: Momma's boy! My first tattoo was her name "Yoly" on my neck.

T: Name one thing you're absolutely terrible at?

M: Golf.... Grrrrrr, haha.




T: Text over voicemail, or just leave it at a missed call?

M: Text for days. I dislike talking on the phone.

T: What songs have you been playing on repeat lately?

M: Drake - Trophy's

T: What's your favorite color?

M: Red, or Indian Blue.





T: What is on your 'NOT TO DO' list?

M: Leave things messy or dirty.

T: If you had the Tilly's crew over for dinner, what would you cook for us?

M: Rice and beans, fried veggie Paddies, pineapple juice. And for dessert, chocolate cookies and almond milk.




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