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TapouT Story ...

Although confusing to some, many are finding comfort and sanity in the diversity and boldness that TapouT Clothing offers.

Enter "Bad For The Sport" (BFTS). This section will lead you to a place where TapouT honors fighters, hot chicks and the bold men and women who have tattooed the TapouT logo on their body.

Take one brief look at the TapouT slogan, "American, Arrogant and InYaFace" and you have now begun the TapouT experience. TapouT Clothing is all about the adrenaline rush! If you are looking for soft, timid, pushover clothing, DON'T come here! TapouT is here to get you noticed and respected! Step up and never move back!

TapouT Clothing is:
#1 in adrenaline
#1 in no holds barred fighting
#1 in the world!

If you haven't heard of TapouT... Where have you been?

The above information is from the TapouT web site.