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Benrus background:

Benrus was founded in 1921 in New York City. Perhaps their most distinguished work was produced while providing watches for the United States service men & women from WWII through the Vietnam War. These battle-proven watches were issued to airmen soldiers and sailors and conformed to rigorous US military specs and features. Product innovations include manufacturing one of the first waterproof watches which became standard issue for WWII era frogmen and later evolved into the high performance Navy Seal watch issued during the Vietnam War. During the Korean War air force pilots were issued Benrus timepieces which were known for their reliable precision during formation flying.

The utilitarian style and military look of the original watches are stylistically represented in the fashion details of all our products. Each timepiece and bag is branded US Military as a nod to its past but offers a contemporary fashion look that is unique to the market.

The above information was taken from the Benrus website.
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