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Ted Shred’s Original Surf Wax Candle at Tillys.com!

Ted Shred’s Background:

Ted Shred's Original Surf Wax Candle Co. is a branded designer, marketer and distributor of the world's first surf wax scented candles.

Ted Shred's has introduced a number of branded non-candle products, including our extremely popular surf wax scented air fresheners, T- shirts, and more. Ted Shred’s headquarters is located in Highlands, New Jersey.

Ted Shred's Original Surf Wax Candle Co was founded in 2004 by 30 year old entrepreneur Edward Hennessey, Ted Shred. Ted Shred's has grown since and can now be found in over 300 stores nationwide as well as 7 countries outside of the United States. Beginning in September 2008, Ted Shred will start donating 1% of profits to the Surfrider Foundation. It has always been a big part of Ted Shred’s mission to contribute to helping preserve the oceans and they are excited to begin doing their part with your help.

Now you can feel even better about choosing Ted Shred's surf wax candles and Ted Shred’s air fresheners.

Enjoy The Scent of Surfing.

The above information is from Ted Shred’s website.