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American Needle Hats - The Original Snapback at!

American Needle Background:

Throughout history, one item of clothing has captured the imaginations of men and women… lending to everyday life the plumage of poetry and dreams. We wear them for ritual, for protection, for play – we put them on to symbolize our professions, our nationalities, ourselves.

From a chieftain’s sanctuary in Papua New Guinea to a Boy Scouts jamboree in Peoria, hats are the most effective and time-honored way of making a statement about who and what we are.

American Needle is proud to take its place in this celebrated and varied tradition.

Nearly a century after the company was founded, American Needle is best known as a purveyor of high quality, “fashion” styled headwear and as an industry innovator, holding over 30 headwear design patents. The American Needle design team emphasizes specialized styling – including woven labels, embroidery, sublimation, unique fabrics, and other “fashion” techniques – providing the highest quality headwear available.

Through their continued emphasis on leadership, craftsmanship, individuality and the heritage of their trade, American Needle proudly offers the finest collection of headwear ever assembled – with something to satisfy everyone.

The above information is from the American Needle website.