So So Happy
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So So Happy Clothing and Accessories!

So So Happy Background:

So So Happy studio’s greatest joy comes from creating crazy, quirky characters and thinking of random fun things that make them happy.
So So Happy Mission: Make cool stuff. Embrace individuality. Build self confidence. Inspire positivity and acceptance among all beings, real or imagined.

And so…wish-granting monsters, not-so-able-bodied defenders, cheerfully dysfunctional robots, and all sorts of oddities never contemplated by Nature stream forth from our collective consciousness, inspired by art, music, and generated doses of caffeinated beverages.

What really matters

So So Happy’s greater hope is that our little world of wonder and weirdness will encourage people to believe in themselves, embrace their individuality, to approach each day as a gift, and to never miss an opportunity to practice love, respect and kindness.

So So Happy welcomes you to their curiously delightful corner of the planet, where anything is possible and where Different is the new Normal.

So So Happy contributes 10% of their moolah to organizations who encourage, educate, and support young people.

Be Lucky…Spread Love…Live SO SO Happy!

The above information is from the So So Happy website.