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Independent Truck Clothing at!

Independent Truck Clothing Background:
The Independent Truck Company is an American manufacturer of skateboard trucks and apparel based in Santa Cruz. Independent trucks are made in the Emrico foundry, in the Bay area of San Francisco.

The Independent Truck company was co-founded by Fausto Vitello and NHS in 1978, and the first set of Independent trucks to make a public appearance was the Stage 1, on May 23, 1978 in Newark, CA. According to co-designer Rick Blackhart, the Independent truck (or Indy) was designed as a response to the lack of good skateboard trucks on the market at the time.

The latest model of Independent Trucks, the Stage 9, was released in March 2003, being marketed as “lighter, stronger, better.” Independent Trucks also discontinued the 109 truck in 2006. The Independent Stage 9 Low truck was released on September 9, 2006, being 10% lighter, made of 356 aluminum heat treated to T6 condition, and features grade 8 kingpins. Eric Koston signed with Independent Trucks and helped finish the design of the Indy Low.

The Independent Trucks brand is distributed by NHS Distribution. They have a clothing & accessories range, sell spare parts, and released a book titled “Built to Grind: 25 Years of Hardcore Skateboarding” in 2003 on the 25th anniversary of the brand.

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