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Fly Society Clothing!

Fly Society Background:

Founded four years ago in Long Beach, California; Fly Society is a brand launched by three lifelong friends: Pro Skateboarder Terry Kennedy, his cousin and lyricist H.I.T, and music producer Fuzzy Fe.

With the theme of international jet-setting, Fly Society embraces the good life. Capitalizing on the momentum of their first mixtape, "Fly With us or Life Beneath Us" and a follow up with super-pro...ducers, Tha Bizness, released in February 2011, Fly Society clothing was launched.

From clothing designers, to skaters, to musicians and anyone on between; Fly Society continues to draw in the cream-of-the-crop from various walks of life showing no matter your environment, no matter where you come from, or what you want to do, that anything is possible.

The above information is from the Fly Society website.

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