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Bench at!

Bench Background:

It all started in Manchester in the dynamic late 80s, a time of thriving youth subcultures; Skateboarding and bmxing were on the rise and the ‘madchester’ music scene was about to take the world by storm.
Bench was at the heart of this energetic, exciting time, taking its inspiration from the people around it to make innovative, relaxed clothing, purposely built for the urban world they lived in.
Back then Bench was a brand worn by people whose sole purpose was to wait for the weekend and go out in style. This generation was the first to want to ‘enlarge’ their weekend. This generation paved the way for mainstream UK culture. And Bench is still at the very heart of that volatile energy.
From their humble beginnings to their global status, we’ve stayed relevant and true by constantly striving to create innovative, fashionable clothing inspired by real people and the real lives they lead.
And they still support these vibrant cultures to this day. Music and laughter is the lifeblood of their consumers, and of Bench as a whole.
They are present in iconic and eclectic music festivals, clubs and events worldwide, bringing their dynamic Bench energy to people in their moments.

The above information is from the Bench website.