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Society Clothing at!

Society Clothing Background:

SOCIETY OF THE SUN is a California based design collective that aims to bring casual fashion to the “modern renaissance lifestyle.” Welcome to the Society of the Sun, the Society of Change. Stand up and make your mark.

Fed up with searching for a brand that represents this lifestyle, SOCIETY was founded in 2010 to counter the countless generic action sports brands in the market today. SOCIETY has deep roots in vintage motorcycle culture, the beach lifestyle, modern fashion, and live music.

The history of the brand traces its roots back to the oldest secret societies of the past. The “all-seeing eye” is an iconic mark found throughout countless secret societies. The SOCIETY “eye” mark represents Unity, Strength, and Freedom.

SOCIETY is dedicated to making the absolute softest and best fitting products on the market, that’s why every SOCIETY garment is hand-sewn and hand-washed to create the perfect fit - not too tight, and not too baggy. All SOCIETY graphics are printed with eco-friendly water based inks for the softest touch possible.

From the oceans of Southern California, to the salt flats of the Mojave Desert, to the streets of New York City - SOCIETY is poised to make a lasting mark on the world.

Welcome to the Society of the Sun, the Society of change - stand up and make your mark. “Make a Change.”

The above information is from the Society Clothing Website.

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