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Le Specs Sunglasses At Tillys.com!

Le Specs background:

With the ubiquitous tag line ‘Le Specs, Le Tough’, the Le Specs brand became an icon for its time in the mid 1980’s – the sunglasses were unbreakable and the product unmistakable.

Founded in 1979, Le Specs fast became synonymous with everything ‘Euro Chic’; an icon of the eighties and today considered by many as the ‘Ultimate Summer Accessory’. Just in time for summer, Le Specs was re-launched in 2006 using sixty percent of the original molds that earned the label its iconic status. Similarly to 27 years earlier, the brand entered the market at an affordable price-point and enjoyed the immediate success associated with a celebrated brand at an affordable price.

Le Specs’ success is a testament to its super-sexy styling and its ability to keep up with current trends, at the same time maintaining an aesthetic all of its own. The Le Specs name has garnered a cult following not only as the must-have eyewear accessory, but as a true trend-setter in the wider fashion industry.

The above information was taken from the Le Specs website.

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