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Havaianas History...

1907 - Simple and cheap sandals called alpargatas used by coffee collectors arrive in Brazil and get a factory.

1962 - Inspired by Japanese Zori flip-flop sandals. The plant begins to produce a Brazilian version with a big difference: rubber. A natural product is born that is 100% natural, durable, comfortable and inexpensive.

1965 - Named Havaianas, 1000 pairs of these sandals are sold per day. Consumers find them in neighborhood markets and small establishments.

1970 - A publicity campaign with the comedy star, Chico Anysio, claims that Havaianas are "the legitimates" as a way to try and differentiate from the large amount of imitations that have appeared.

1994 - In order to deal witha crisis caused by a sales and profit downturn, Havaianas brand launches a single color sandal: Havaianas Top. Accompanied by a group of well-structured marketing strategies, the product wins over upper classes, making this a banner year in the life of Havaianas.

1996 - A new advertising campaign revives the brand and classifies Havaianas as an elegant and unique product. Magazine ads reach a previously unexplored segment of the public.

1998 - Havaianas Brazil are launched along with the World Cup in France. New lines and styles continue to expand the family.

2000 - There is high morale at Havaianas. The planet's best known personalities and other celebrities are photographed using Havaianas.

2001 - Export of the sandals literally takes off.

2001 to Present - Havaianas cover the pages of the best internatinal fashion magazines and become a world wide craze. They appear in the Planet's most coveted display windows. They become a fashion icon and are regular figures at fashion shows and large events such as Sao Paulo Fashion Week and The Oscars.

The above information is from the Havaianas website.