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CanÆt Stop the Crooks Background:

Under the ôCrooks & Castlesö Brand ôCanÆt Stop the Crooksö has always rooted for the Villain whether it be in a movie a comic book a novel a rap song or everyday life. Influenced by Los Angeles during the 80Æs & 90Æs they became a part of this villainous lifestyle. Gangs were everywhere û the hood the city even middle suburbia. Most had no choice but to adapt to the environment. Some were able to escape or even channel what they learned on the street into something lucrative. What caught the CanÆt Stop the Crooks attention the most was independent fashion/graphic brands. Their look is inspired by those who get rich by becoming ôCrooks.ö They feel that some high Fashion brands only cater to certain lifestyle ôCantÆ Stop the Crooksö has their focus on those who have achieved that lifestyle under different circumstances.

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