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Dragon Sunglasses Background:

Established in 1993 Dragon is a leading eyewear brand in the youth/lifestyle market manufacturing premium sunglasses snow goggles and mx goggles.
Drawing influences from our team riders art music fashion and alternative culture we strive to empower the individual with premium products.
Since the beginning Dragon set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand in the active youth lifestyle market by supporting the best athletes with the best product while remaining connected to core retailers and consumers. That mission still holds true today and is the driving force behind the companyÆs success and heritage.
In 1993 in a garage in Capo Beach CA founder Will Howard aimed to build a company that encompassed his passions for surfing snowboarding and riding dirt bikes. Enthusiasm and knowledge of the market bore DragonÆs first and still primary product sunglasses. The company began distributing to local surf shops before expanding to Hawaii and Florida and later Australia and other international markets.
Dragon gradually extended its reach as well developing innovative diversified products in all eyewear categories. With an emphasis on creating functional high-quality merchandise that appealed to the youth market and pushed the status quo Dragon introduced a number of innovative products early on. ôWe saw an opportunity to add snow goggles to the lineup by aligning ourselves with the emerging snowboard market ö says founder Will Howard. ôWe loved riding and realized snowboarders were treated as second-class citizens just like we were as a start-up so we thought that would be a good match.ö From there Dragon recruited snowboarders Jamie Lynn Chris Roach and a few others. Many years and many ride days later Dragon has established itself as a leader in the snow goggle business.
More recently DragonÆs innovative approach has lead to further market-leading developments including the first-ever frameless snow goggle which launched in the winter of 2011. This goggle has revolutionized the snow market and is one of the most sought after styles at retail. Along with that the latest Dragon sunglasses have showed design innovation and a unique styling like the JAM Domo and Viceroy. Rider-inspired design and feedback has always been key and one of the important philosophies of the brand in creating new products.

This information is from the Dragon Alliance Facebook website.
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