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Enjoi Background:

Enjoi is a skateboarding company offering skateboard decks as their primary product. They also provide skateboarding accessories and clothing. The company's logo is a stylized panda.

Dave Mayhew was one of the founders of Enjoi. Enjoi was originally headed by professional skateboarders Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen. After Johnson's departure Connor Bow took over as head of Enjoi appointing his childhood friend Thomas Stringer as co-head of the company. Enjoi is owned and distributed by Dwindle Distribution which is owned by Globe International.

Enjoi's current pro team consists of Timmy Moran Jerry Hsu Cairo Foster Brian Kroupa Caswell Berry Wieger Van Wageningen Louie Barletta Jose Rojo Clark Hassler Nestor Judkins Ben Raemers Radu Gheorghe And Kyle Williams as the filmer.

The above information is from Enjoi Wikipedia Page.
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