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Milkcrate Athletics Background:

Milkcrate Athletics is one of the great indie brands in street fashion. Created by designer DJ and music producer Aaron LaCrate.

Aaron LaCrate produces tours designs and remix's the greatest artists in hip hop and pop culture from Jay Z Eminem Kanye West Schoolboy Q ASAP Rocky Raekwon Bun B Rakim to Madonna Lilly Allen and others. Milkcrate and Aaron LaCrate shape culture on a worldwide level since day one.

From designing Jay Z's official Biggie "King of NY Frank White" t-shirt worn in "Fade To Black" to creating the official HBO The Wire clothing collection foot wear collaborations with New Balance and Vans to touring the world with his trademark sounds very few can compete with LaCrate's all encompassing creative resume.

Aaron LaCrate trademarked and branded the Milkcrate into a fashion icon representing all things street from djing diggin for records basketball to a multi purpose chair basketball hoop or bike basket the Milkcrate is everywhere and can do most anything according to Aaron LaCrate

Milkcrate Athletics is part of the second wave of American streetwear. Back in 1997 Aaron LaCrate bum rushed the street wear game and never looked back. In 2014 Milkcrate is only getting started as there trippy creations and bucket hats can be seen on the next wave of great artists like Schoolboy Q Pro Era and Bishop Nehru. Aaron LaCrate's classic design aesthetic and boom bap origin keep Milkcrate Athletics always a step ahead of the curve.

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