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Diary of a Tilly's SXSW Sweepstakes Winner
Posted by Tilly's on Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Austin-SXSW 2013:

How do I even begin to explain this once in a lifetime experience? Having never won anything, except maybe a mere door prize in my life, this trip went above and beyond my expectations. A trip for two? Round trip? Three night hotel stay? Chauffer to and from the airport? Music badges, VIP badges for TWO?! I couldn't believe this was happening. Who I brought along was an easy choice, my boyfriend who is also my roommate!

Let's recap some of the highlights of the trip... even though there are SO many to choose from:
• Entering the Driskill Hotel, which to me, resembled the Titanic. It was ancient and beautiful.  

• Exploring a city that held some of the most eclectic people a South Dakota resident has ever seen, and mind you, LOVED!  

• The MTV Woodies Awards that was hosted by my favorite band in the world, Tegan and Sara. Crazy/awesome time. Then LATER, Tegan and Sara again! This time, front... yes, very front row at the Austin Music Hall. Needless to say, it was a "shock to my system." :)
• Fritz and the Tantrums also played! Wow, amazing energy, talent galore!!! Danced my ass off. City and Colour, another favorite played there too. Dallas is always so humble and his lyrics are beautiful. 
• Dickies VIP event... meeting the crew from Tillys.  They were some of the nicest and most generous people we had ever met. Thank you Will, Belel, Monica and Jon! 

• The AP VIP party was amazing. I must say it was the coolest thing ever meeting people and musicians who you'd never imagine you'd see.  We ran into Chad and Cyrus from NFG, Hayley Williams, Andrew WK, Junior from Set your Goals, Chris from Dashboard, the singers from Breathe Carolina... we even got our photos taken with some of these amazing artists.  
• Having VIP access to the Vice Bar to see, our favorite male artist in the entire world, Butch Walker, was beyond incredible. We got second row at this show and screamed our lungs out to every single word of his songs. It was the best thing that could probably ever happen on this trip. We got to meet Butch, take a photo with him and Jake-his bass player. Butch even kissed my cheek and gave me a hug and chatted a bit. Nicest guy you will ever meet. Hands down.  

•We also saw Fall Out Boy there, very tight band live.  and....yep, more Lonestar and Titos. :)
Tiny treasures found in Austin enthralled us-  small holes in the wall that handed out pizza, carts selling Philly cheese steak sandwiches on the street, people on the corner drumming on bottles and buckets and sounding just as good as pro drummers! I fell in love with the atmosphere.
All in all, this was a trip that will never be forgotten. I mean, c'mon, even as we were waiting for our flight home, we saw Oliver Peck on his Harley driving by. It was great not seeing anyone in camoflauge or polo shirts for 3 days. (IF you're from the South Dakota area, you know what I mean... c'mon now...)
Tilly's, you are the BOMB! I feel so honored to have experienced this. These memories and pictures will be forever cherished. You're so generous and I will always and forever be a Tilly's lover!!!!
AUSTIN! We got WEIRD and loved every minute of it!!!  <3
Ashley Doescher
Tyler Jensen

Check some of Ashley & Tyler's photos from their trip!



Ashley reps Tilly's!


Tyler & Ashley fanning out.


Tegan & Sara at the MTVu Woody Awards.


What's Eating Gilbert at the Red 7 AP Party.


Kyle from Breathe Carolina!


David from Breathe Carolina!


What's Eating Gilbert.


Hailee from Paramore.


Chris Carrabba of Twin Falls.


Andrew W.K. rocks the party!

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