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Vans Warped Tour 101
Posted by Tilly's on Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Vans Warped Tour 2013 is ready to kick off soon! If you ever had any questions about VWT specifics, look no further. Here's a solid breakdown of everything you'll need to know about how to have the best possible time at VWT '13!


What You Can Bring To The Show

Small, lightweight backpack, sunscreen, a small homemade snack, one sealed bottle of water, camera, disposable or small digital, sharpie for autographs and writing set times, fully charged cell phone, comfortable sneakers, hat.

What You Can’t Bring To The Show

Chains (ex: wallet chains), professional camera, alcohol, recording devices, firearms, weapons, knives etc., any illegal substances.

2013 Pomona, CA Shows

This year we will be having two Vans Warped Tour shows in Pomona, CA. There are both single and 2-day passes available for these shows and you will need these tickets in order to enter each day. The lineups for these shows may be subject to variations which we will post updates for on our website.

Line Up and Set Times

The band line up and set times will be available after doors open and can be found at the giant inflatable next to the main Vans tent.


Be sure to visit the sponsor + vendor area to mark down times for signings, acoustic performances and more! Participating Sponsors will have this information posted on a white board or other sign outside of their tents each day!

Vans Secret Word = FREE STUFF
Vans offers free stuff at their tent adjacent to the inflatable schedule each day to the first 200 fans to say the secret code word. Keep an eye out for the word on Twitter and Facebook the night before the show.

First Aid

 Need assistance with an immediate medical need? Look for the first aid flag located at the medic station.

First time at Warped or just need a refresher on what to expect at Warped? No worries. This handy guide will help you in planning your day at Warped and answer questions you might have about some things that make our tour unique. Here’s your guide to and how to get through Warped! Remember to have fun, be safe and rock out!!

I Haven’t Gotten My Ticket, What Should I Do?    
All ticket questions should be directed to the ticketing company that you purchased your tickets from. Their customer info (email and contact phone numbers) can be found on the customer service page of their respective websites.

Warped Tour Compilation CD: If you purchased a ticket in the first two price levels, then bring your ticket stub to the SideOne Dummy tent located in the vendor village of your show. You’ll be able to pick up your compilation CD there!

Tickets, Passes & More: Tickets are available through your local date page on the Warped site where you’ll also find info about the bands playing your stop, transportation info and more.

If you did not pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time, they are generally available at the day of the show at the venue box office. Check the site and your date page to check on ticket availability and pricing.

If you purchased tickets ahead of time be sure to bring your print-at-home printout or ticket to the show and whatever you do DO NOT BUY TICKETS IN THE PARKING LOT! These are often counterfeit tickets and we are not responsible for fake tickets. You’ll lose your money and won’t be able to enter with those tickets. Why risk it?

DO NOT BUY BACKSTAGE PASSES, VIP, WRISTBANDS, GUEST PASSES, or any OTHER PASS someone is trying to sell you. They are not real and will not give you access and will waste your money. The only sanctioned online backstage pass offer is through the Unite the United fundraiser for the TJ Martel Foundation!

Doors for Warped generally open at 11:00am and the show closes down by 9:00pm. Check the Warped website for your show’s info.

The schedule of the band’s set times are not set until the morning of the show so Remember to Get to the Show Early!


Just line up in front of the “Skip The Line” banner if you have one of the following:

Feed Our Children NOW! Food Drive: Donate three canned food items or $5.00 at the Feed Our Children NOW! tent located near the venue entrance for a jump the line pass.

Cell Funds Recycling Program: You can also drop off used cell phones for the same jump the line pass at the Feed Our Children NOW! tent


Yeah we know it gets hot on Warped, here are a few ways to stay cool:

Warped Water Refilling Stations:   The Warped Tour will be providing FREE filtered water at refilling stations on each Warped stop this summer. Fans can fill up empty water bottles, soda cups or purchase a reusable water bottle all of which can be filled up as much as needed throughout the day. Note that fans are allowed to bring in one sealed water bottle when they enter the show and that can be continuously filled up at the station. Look for the “WATER” banner in the festival grounds for the filtration stations.


Look for these designated shade tents throughout the venue. As for amphitheater shows, that roof makes a nice cover from the sun.


It’s also a long day so pace yourself and take a break from time to time.

Misting Stations

Who can turn down some cool mist during a hot day? Look for misting stations throughout the festival grounds.


Slip and Slide

Even better than a misting station is the slip and slide!! Weather permitting look for the slip and slide on the festival grounds. Jump in, get wet, and have fun!



We can’t emphasize it enough. In addition to staying cool throughout the day, you also need to eat! There are food vendors and concessions at every show and at select shows, you can pre-purchase a special low-priced Food Deal for $8.50, good for a meal with a soda. Check your local date page to see if that show is part of the promotion and if you do have a voucher, look for signs at concession stands as a place to redeem them. Please check ticketing company when purchasing your ticket for food voucher option.

Reverse Daycare: The ultimate perk for parents, the Reverse Daycare Tent is an air-conditioned chill zone for parents who escort their teens to the concert but crave a break from the heat and music. Here parents can relax, enjoy a cool beverage and interact with some of the family-friendly products in the tent.

Rock & Bus will be providing round trip shuttles from many locations around the venue. Visit the Rock and Bus site and help spread the word for a fun, safe, and green way to enjoy the day.

Rock & Bus is an independent transportation company not affiliated with the Vans Warped Tour.

Drop Off Area: Most venues have a designated drop off area in front of the venue for drop offs and pick ups.

Transportation: Most venues are accessible through local public transportation. Some venues have shuttles that are dedicated to Warped shows. Check the venue website for more information on transportation and possibility for shuttles for specific shows.

Remember to also follow Tilly's and Vans Warped Tour all day long on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for day of show updates, Tilly's Tent Signings, contests, weather updates and more. And search the tag #TILLYSWARPED13 for fan pics and more!

Click below to go to the Official Tilly's Vans Warped Tour '13 Page for Exclusive band interviews, news, Tilly's Stage updates & more!




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