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14 things you don't know about Malcolm Ethika
Posted by Tilly's on Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Category: Agenda , Agenda Tradeshow , Ethika

We sat down with Malcolm McCassy, the president and founder of Ethika during Agenda Show in Long Beach and had him answer a few random questions.






Q: Favorite State?  

A: California, you can skate, snowboard, surf, ride moto, bmx, and hit multiple concerts from San Diego to LA…and the weather doesn't really suck.

Q: Who, in your opinion is the most influential athlete of all time?

A: It's hard not to go with MJ, his game was undeniable, but he was such an amazing ambassador and one of the greatest marketing stories of all time…plus I was lucky enough to meet him which is just bananas.

Q: If you owned a unicorn as pet what would you call him/her and what would he/she look like?

A: I need a unicorn like now, I'd make a custom Ethika saddle, dye the wings red, and no question it would be a she, makes more sense if I'm gonna be riding Unicornilla around the globe.  Yes Unicornilla is the name, and she will probably get some fresh cornrows…with a custom Beats by Dre system built in.



Q: What did your last received text message read and who was it from?

A: From: my girlfriend Tristyn "So Funny, just saw a picture in US Magazine, look closely, your in the background photobombing, haha dork"

Q: Name 2 artists/bands that are blowing up this year?  

A: Austin Carlile from the band "Of Mice & Men" & Hip Hop artist "Kid Ink", they are both super down to earth, and so talented.

Q: As child, what did you want to become?  

A: I loved skateboarding & motocross, a professional in either would of been unreal, but I soon realized my skill set was destined for both sports to just be my hobbies.  I loved making people laugh, but my parents said there was no career in that, major buzz kill at the time.

Q: Are you a mommy or daddy's child?  

A: My parents separated when I was 2, lived with mom more, so mommy's boy would probably be the call. At the same time my dad got me riding dirt bikes at 3 years old, so that was our father son time…hard to beat that.  Grateful, love them both, and my 7 brother & sisters.

Q: Name one thing you're absoultely terrible at?  

A: When I do karaoke, I can literally clear everyone out of the room with my screechy voice…even Stevie Wonder would turn his head when I get on the MIC.

Q: Text message or voicemail, or just leave it at a missed call?  

A: I'm over both, lets just meet in person…I'm all about that real life sh#@t!

Q: What are some songs you've played on repeat lately?  

A: Meek Mill - Burn, MGK - See My Tears, Johnny Cash - Big bad John, Kid Ink - Bossn' Up, Fun - Carry On and anything from Bob Dylan. I just love good music, regardless of what category…


Q: What's your favorite color?

A: Red always seems to be a go to color for me, passion, fire, just a lot of depth to it…but there's only one week of the month I'm not a fan, haha, totally joking!

Q: What's on your 'NOT TO DO' list?

A: To never settle, keep charging, regardless of how low I may fall…never give up!

Q: What would you cook if you had the whole Tilly's Marketing crew over for dinner?  

A: Lately I've been on BBQ grill mission, fire that baby up, could be a mix of chicken & steak, key seasoning of course.  More importantly have the Ping Pong table set up, possibly with some Red Solo cups, and just some good ole fashion bonding with the Tilly's Family!

Q: How do you eat your eggs?  

A:I prefer just going to Denny's, ordering up some "Moons over my Hammy"…Game Changer!




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