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TILLY'S X VOLCOM Contest Winner Nigel!!!
Posted by Tilly's on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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So we fulfilled our VOLCOM Enter-to-Win "A Trip to Hang with Bruce Irons & Caswell Berry in So Cal" Contest this last weekend in sunny Newport Beach, CA.  The big winner was my man Nigel and his bro Fred both residing from Florida.  They not only got to surf with VOLCOM Pro Bruce Irons on Thursday but they also got to skate with another VOLCOM Pro Caswell Berry all day Friday.  Not to mention, they both got hooked up with a $1,000 shopping spree at the VOLCOM Store in Costa Mesa, CA!  

VOLCOM Crustacious Oaks Summer Camp Entrance Bracelets

VOLCOM flew out Nigel & Fred a day early on Thursday May 13th, 2010 because their was a pretty epic swell about to hit So Cal and it would've got a little hairy out in the water. The swell did have good timing for the VOLCOM VQS Surf Championship that was being held off 54th. St in Newport Beach, CA though.  The guys were a little jet lagged since they didn't sleep the night before their flight but they put it in 2nd gear once Bruce Irons arrived.  It was a weekend of "firsts" for both of the guys...first time in California, first time surfing the Pacific Ocean, first time trying an unfiltered Nigori Sake shot (or 10), etc. 

Joe, Nigel, Bruce Irons, and Fred Bruce Irons Surfing

Thursday started out with a bang at the VOLCOM "Crustacious Oaks Summer Camp" on the beach where the guys got some grub, some surfboards, a couple of wetsuits, and then finally met up with the man Bruce Irons from Kauai.  We settled down on the sand and wondered why on earth it smelled so bad by the lifeguard station and then realized we were directly downwind of a dead seal, it literally smelt like a dead body.  A few shark stories by Bruce and a dead seal didn't hold the guys back though and they got a good session in the water. Thanks a bunch Bruce for being so cool man, he actually gave his NIXON Watch off his wrist to Nigel! After the surf session we jammed to the VOLCOM Roadhouse Skatepark where both Nigel and Fred proved that they both can skate.  Once they got the skate bug out of their system we took them to the VOLCOM Store where they each got a $1,000 shopping spree, how sick is that!?!  That night we got a little dinner at the Cannery and I introduced the guys to some unfiltered Nigori Sake then Joe took them to Woody's Wharf to get their party on.  Hangovers suck and I'm glad I wasn't crashing in their hotel room that night...

Volcom Crustacious Oaks Summer Camp Hot Dog Eating Contest Fred, Bruce Irons, and Nigel

Friday we let the guys sleep in since they were hurting from the long night before then met up for lunch at Plums Cafe in Costa Mesa, CA with the VOLCOM crew and Pro Caswell Berry.  After some good grub we headed back to the VOLCOM Skatepark and the guys had another great session but this time with Caswell.  I think they could've stayed at the skatepark all day but we wanted to show them the VOLCOM Team Rider House which is a block or two from their Headquarters and from my pad.  This place is legit and is on an acre of land with a custom pool, bar, ping-pong room, halfpipes, dug in trampoline, etc. Another awesome day and another big thanks to Caswell Berry for taking the time to skate and chill with the guys.

Fred, Caswell Berry, and Nigel Caswell Berry

Nigel Skating the VOLCOM Skatepark Fred Skating the VOLCOM Skatepark

Saturday was the finals for the VOLCOM VQS "Crustacious Oaks Summer Camp" so check out their video below, congratulations to VOLCOM Team Rider Mitch Coleburn for taking 1st!  I'm sure that it was a trip that both Nigel and Fred will never forget and the VOLCOM crew (Flo, Joe, Bruce, Caswell, etc.) went above and beyond to make their trip something memorable...kudos!

Nigel Skating the Halfpipe VOLCOM Team Rider House Stone Pool

VOLCOM VQS Championship "Day 2" Video:

Nigel Rail Slide


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