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Street League Skateboarding DC Pro Tour Fueled By Monster Energy!
Posted by Tilly's on Tuesday, September 07, 2010

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Street League Skateboarding DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy September 11th, 2010 at Citizen Business Bank Arena – Ontario, California!


Introducing STREET LEAGUE SKATEBOARDING! Now get your DC Shoes, drink a Monster Energy drink and go support the tour!


Street League Skateboarding

Skateboarding is limitless by design. Built on a foundation of progression, individuality and tremendous skill, street skateboarding is one of the most technically intricate and dynamic sports in the world. Every year, the best and most respected skateboarders in the world constantly push the boundaries of what people believe is possible. No other past time, art form, or sport evolves and progresses the way street skateboarding does.
However, the magical nature of street skateboarding has never been translated to a live spectator experience or professional contest series that truly showcases the skill and talent of the skateboarders involved.
Until now…


Street League Skateboarding DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy EXPLAINED Video:


Street League Skateboarding™ has been created to reflect the power of true street skateboarding – arguably the most popular, evolved, and unique alternative to stick and ball sports. By assembling a roster of the world’s best professional street skateboarders, constructing courses that embody the characteristics of real skate spots, and creating real stakes through substantial prize money, Street League™ gives street skateboarding a proper forum for live competition for the first time ever.

The pros signed to Street League™ are undoubtedly the elite of professional street skateboarding:
    •    Mike Mo Capaldi
    •    Chris Cole
    •    Nick Dompierre
    •    David Gonzalez
    •    PJ Ladd
    •    Terry Kennedy
    •    Eric Koston
    •    Greg Lutzka
    •    Sean Malto
    •    Billy Marks
    •    Chaz Ortiz
    •    Brandon Biebel
    •    Luan Olivieira
    •    Torey Pudwill
    •    Peter Ramondetta
    •    Dylan Rieder
    •    Paul Rodriguez
    •    Nyjah Huston
    •    Tommy Sandoval
    •    Ryan Sheckler
    •    Mikey Taylor

These skaters are competing for a total purse of $1.2 MM– the most prize money in skateboarding history. The series also includes the largest first place prize of $150,000 at each event. The complete purse at each event is as follows:
    •    1st : $150,000
    •    2nd : $80,000
    •    3rd : $25,000
    •    4th : $15,000
    •    5th : $10,000
    •    6th : $8000
    •    7th : $6500
    •    8th – 24th Place (non-qualifiers): $5000 each.

Beyond the awards associated with the final ranking at each event, each Pro will have the ability to win $5,000 for each best trick in each individual section of the course as well as for the entire event. The pros that do not qualify into the Finals will be given the chance to compete on the big section prior to the main event for an additional $10,000.

Street League Skateboarding™ features the first-ever revenue-share program in skateboarding and Action Sports history. As a result, each pro is a direct participant in the success of Street League™. The pros will share in both Street League™ merchandise and media rights sales.
To assist their transition into the league, each pro has been given the option to compete in two non-sanctioned wildcard events until the end of 2010. Beginning in 2011, the pros will compete exclusively in the Street League™ series and other Street League™ sanctioned events worldwide.
Street League Skateboarding™ utilizes real-time scoring and a proprietary format that makes every trick count. These unique features, combined with street skateboarding from the world’s best, will make the inaugural year of Street League Skateboarding™ a historical break-through for skateboard fans worldwide.
    •    August 28th, 2010: Jobing.com Arena – Glendale, Arizona.
    •    September 11th, 2010: Citizen Business Bank Arena – Ontario, California.
    •    September 25th, 2010: Thomas & Mack Arena – Las Vegas, Nevada



Street League Skateboarding Flyer




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