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Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg Talks FILTRATE EYEWEAR
Posted by Tilly's on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Category: Etnies , Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg , Monster Energy , Moto , Filtrate Eyewear

Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg is nothing short of a Freestyle Motocross legend at this point. He's one of the brightest personalities in the sport, with a style and attitude that's unique as it is 100% natural. In short, Twitch is the real deal. Jeremy has been in the spotlight lately, mostly for his handful of sponsor changes. And one of those new sponsors is none other than FILTRATE Eyewear.


Tilly's recently caught up with Jeremy and talked tattoos, Hip Hop, contests and yes... FILTRATE. Have a read and get to know one of Moto's all-time best.

What’s new with you, Jeremy? Everything! Almost all new sponsors including FILTRATE, Monster Energy, Famous and Dirt Bike Kidz. The only sponsor that is the same is Etnies and that's been for over 12 years!

twitchblog1.jpgIs it weird having a nickname that’s stuck so hard? Do you usually introduce yourself as Twitch or Jeremy? It's not weird. It's a way that helps people remember me but I always introduce myself as Jeremy.


What keeps you busy when you’re not riding? If I'm not riding or recovering I'm usually racing off road, short course trucks in the Lucas oil series.    

If you weren’t riding professionally, what do you think you’d be doing? Trying to ride professionally!

How did you get involved with FILTRATE? What drew you to signing on with the brand? We knew some mutual friends and right away I knew I wanted to be apart of FILTRATE and growing the brand. I'm not just an athlete for Filtrate I'm also a partner.

You’ve got a few signature pairs on FILTRATE now. What went into the designs? How do you feel about how it turned out? I’m really vocal about what I like and the guys at FILTRATE listened. The most important thing was for me to have something out there that I would really wear. That's key to all my products. I think it turned out great! I wear them everyday.

Did you try to do anything differently in the design to make them stand out? Not with the first line. I wanted something that everyone can wear and look good in.

Do you have any other favorite models in the FILTRATE line? They're all dope!

Living in California, is it possible to function in the sun without a good pair of sunglasses? In your opinion, what makes a good pair of shades? No way! Where I live you gotta have shades. I'm a big fan of the polarized lenses.

twitchthisint.jpgSo far it looks like FILTRATE’s team of riders is growing. Who would you love to have riding for FILTRATE so that you could call them a teammate? Taka Higashino, for sure!

What’s the ideal music to listen to before riding? Is there any new musician you’re feeling at the moment?
Hip Hop always! Right now I listen to a lot of Yelawolf.

How do you feel about contests? Do they ever get old for you?
Contests are really old for me. I used to do them cause I had to. I will still compete in X Games but other than that I film and ride natural terrain.  

Are you still getting tattoos? What’s your last few tats been? What would your advice be to somebody who wants to get his or her first tat? I'll never stop getting tattooed. My last one is Grandma and Papa on my throat. I'm in the process of getting the big one on the back of my neck removed and doing some cover ups on my arms. My advice would be to make sure you really want that thing!

What’s next for you, Jeremy? Now that I'm healed I'll be getting ready for x games and racing off road. My new gear line Dirt Bike Kidz is releasing this summer as well as my new movie 420% All Natural on April 20th. I also have an iPhone app called TwitchThis releasing the beginning of March. And of course more FILTRATE designs coming soon!

Get the Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg Signature FILTRATE shades and more right here at Tilly's!


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