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Posted by Tilly's on Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Category: Jordan Pundik , Epitaph Records , New Found Glory

For over a decade, New Found Glory has been steadily carving their path into the high-grass fields of pop punk.


After years, of influence, an insane following and churning out records at breakneck speed, the band isn't slowing down for a damn second. Since NFG is set to play this summers Vans Warped Tour, where will be kickin' it nearby the Tilly's stage, we thought we'd hit up the bands founding member and frontman, Jordan Pundik for an old fashioned Sentence Completed.


1. My favorite thing to do on the road is ________.
   find rad places to eat/drink and find good coffee shops

2. The best band no one has ever heard of is _______
   as of right now im super into a band called DRY THE RIVER. their new album "shallow bed" is great! 

3. If I don’t have _______, I get  __________ & ________,
   coffee, BUCK and WILD 


4. Fans never get sick of asking _________.
   if i ever found "blanco meow" 

5. The most embarrassing thing that I ever did was ________
   I dont embarrass easily 

6. ________ was the gnarliest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  Wesley Willis getting things done to him by his cracked out "road manager" in the parking lot of a show we played together back in '98. 
7. When I’m not touring, I like to _________, ________ & ________.

   surf, hang out with family, cook 

8. Don’t tell anyone, but the secret ingredient to happiness is ________.
   is remembering where you are is where youre supposed to be 


9. Probably my biggest pet peeve is __________. 

    dirty feet

10. If I had a spare million in the bank I’d ___________.
    donate some of it and buy my grandma a condo 

11. As long as I live, I will never eat __________

12. When you die, you simply ________

 I wish I knew..there's gotta be more than darkness or else what's the point of life and making memories?

Check out the NFG Facebook page and look for them this summer on the Vans Warped Tour. Head to the Tilly's shop for the newest goods from Vans.


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