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Sentence Completed with Iwrestledabearonce
Posted by Tilly's on Monday, July 09, 2012

Category: iwrestledabearonce , Music , Music Festivals , Vans

Iwrestledabearonce is currently wreaking havoc from one Vans Warped Tour stop to the next with their signature schizophrenic sound, erratic, spanning vocals and blatant disregard for everything and anything that's clearly not submerged in good times.

We caught up with guitarist Steven Bradley and had him Complete some Sentences for us. See how Steven gets his sentence on.



1. The one thing I have to have in my Warped Tour survival kit is cold beers.

2. The band I’m most psyched to see this Warped Tour is Vanna.

3. The best part of Warped is hanging with so many friends all day and the constant partying

4. My beverage of choice is cold beers.

5. As long as I live, I will never eat dog s*#@!.

6. When I’m not playing music I’m recording albums for others, managing bands, ruining a small clothing line, and generally avoiding sleep.

7. If I wasn’t in a band, I would be managing bands and making albums full-time!

8. The person I most look up to is my dog.

9. Every month, the majority of my paycheck goes to... wait what is a paycheck? When I randomly make money, I spend a lot of it on new gear and sometimes pay bills.

10. My favorite movie of all time is The original Star Wars Trilogy... Or Dead Alive.

11. The three things I want to do before the Zombie apocalypse are tour with Slipknot, go into space, and tour with Slipknot.

12. My secret talent is karaoke.

13. The worst trend in the world has to be all of them. People need to just find what makes them happy and stick with it, even if it's not cool.

14. The craziest/best thing that a fan has given me or done to see me is flown over oceans to see us... That is insane and very much appreciated.

15. My guilty pleasure is nothing... No shame. I love all sorts of stuff!

16. My favorite tattoo is The Godsmack tribal logo.

17. If I were an evil villain, my name & evil talent would be Cobrantula. Evil mutated cobra turantula. Scariest s#@$ ever.

18. My “can’t live without” item of clothing for Warped is anything that doesn't stink.

19. My favorite Warped Tour experience is the Gorge in Washington in 2010. Amazing.

20. If I had to describe this summer in one sentence it would read, STOKED.

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