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The Tomer & Morgan Check In From the Warped Tour Road Part 2!
Posted by Tilly's on Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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It's been a couple of days since our last update... but we're here in Chicago -- on our third day of an eleven day stretch. And now we're here to fill you in on what's been going down on Vans Warped Tour.

We've swept through Texas, hitting San Antonio, Houston and Dallas and were met with some rain and some really awesome fans. Tilly's stores in Texas are few and far between, so all the love we got from everyone there was really incredible. We even got some volunteers to help us load up grab bags to give away in Dallas. Those girls were the best we could've asked for! Of Mice and Men signed at our tent again in San Antonio, and despite the insane humidity, they powered through, met so many of you and had a blast.

Luckily we had a day off for the Fourth of July! Morgan spent hers at a campground with some of the bands from the tour and Tomer got to swim in a river, go to a baseball game and watch fireworks in Springfield, Missouri. We picked back up outside of St. Louis in Maryland Heights and had Tonight Alive and A Loss for Words swing by the tent for signings through the day. Both were a pleasure as always... and props to the drummer of Tonight Alive who tore his left ACL, but is toughing it out through the rest of the tour on crutches. That's some dedication right there, right?!

We were just in Auburn Hills, right outside of Detroit. A new Tilly's store is opening there on July 31st, so we got to spend the day with their management team. If you live in that area, be sure to check out the new store and you'll be happily greeted by some of the best people we've met so far on this tour. Four Year Strong and Mod Sun also stopped by to meet a ton of fans and hang out at the tent. The day turned out awesome and led us in to today in Tinley Park, Illinois! No signings that day, but we were swarmed by awesome kids. We also had Rock The Vote take on half of our tent. If they come out when they're in your city, be sure to come by and learn what they're all about when you pick up your bag of free Tilly's swag! Until then, keep making some noise and get ready for an amazing day of Warped very soon!!!


Morgan and Tomer

P.S. Don't forget about the Golden Ticket, keep your eyes peeled for it!

P.P.S. If you get a change to spot #whitelightning or #greenmachine, snap a pic of them and tag'em! They would love to meet each and every one of you!

Check some pics of some Tilly's Tent action....


Sun blocked by the Tilly's Tend, Four Year Strong practice their signatures on everything and anything put in front of their faces.


Straight outta Australia, Tonight Alive amaze fans with their native pronunciations and epic signings.


Of Mice And Men discuss Steinbeck protagonists with kids who never read Steinbeck.


John Steinbeck didn't have any tattoos. But the man could write a killer novel. Of Mice And Men sign it up for fans.


Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are from France. They don't have French Fries there. They have pomme frites.


Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! mix it up with loving fans.


Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! continue to spread the Goonies-inspired love!


Non-stop signings at the Tilly's Tent! Get there, get some and MAKE SOME NOISE!

Stop by the Tilly's Warped Tour Page HERE for news, exclusive interviews, autograph signing times and more! And get the newest Vans right HERE at Tilly's!


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