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Tilly’s is proud to invest in our Schools!

Tilly’s values its relationships with its customers and seeks every opportunity to interact with their daily activities. To achieve this goal Tilly’s supports and participates in various academic, art, and athletic programs in both schools and universities.

The Tilly’s We Care Program is proud to support the following:

  • Student Newspapers + Publications
  • Scholastic Fundraisers
  • Athletic Programs (Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc.)
  • Walk-a-Thons/Jog-a-Thons
  • Raffles/Opportunity Drawings
  • Auctions (Silent/Live)
  • PTA/PTSA Events
  • Student of the Month
  • And much MORE!!!!

If you are interested in partnering on any of these programs please fill out the information below.

First Name:

Last Name:







Organization Name:

Organization Type:

Organization Description:

Organization/School Size:

501C Status/Tax ID Number:

Type of Donation:

Details of Event:

Event Size:

Donation Needed By:

Event Date:

Additional Comments:

Contribution decisions are made at the corporate office. Please allow four to six weeks for a response. Your organization will be notified of results by e-mail. Unfortunately, if your organization is designed primarily for one of the following causes we are unable to support your request: lobbying organizations, religious, fraternal, labor or veterans groups, political groups, individuals, families, or private foundations and for-profit organizations. Also, due to limited funds we are unable to grant all requests.

If you have any additional questions please contact Alexis Guerrero
Fax: 949-609-5513 Email: aguerrero@tillys.com