W-2 Request

If you have a recent ADP paystub available you can do the following:
  1. Go to https://paystatements.adp.com.
  2. Click on "Register Now".
  3. Enter the Self Service Registration Pass Code which is: TILLYS2-123
  4. Select iPayStatements as the self-service Product.
  5. From your most recent pay statement, enter the following information:
    • Company Code
    • File Number
    • Social Security number
    • Pay Date or Advice Date
    • Check/Voucher or Advice Number
You will then be prompted to complete a registration process during which you must answer a few security questions and select a password. Your password must contain between 8 to 20 characters and at least one alpha and one numeric character. You will be assigned a system generated User ID. The security questions will be used to verify your identity if you ever forget your user ID or password.

Upon completing the registration process, you may obtain a copy of your W-2 at https://paystatements.adp.com. You will be able to immediately print your W-2.

If you did not receive your W-2 by February 10th. You may submit a request for a W-2 copy here and we will mail it to you at the address you provide within 3 weeks from the request date. Please do not submit more than one request and do not submit another request until 3 weeks have passed from your original request.

2016 W-2s will be mailed to your home address by January 31, 2017.
If you do not receive your 2016 W-2 by February 10, 2017, please submit a request.