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GoodWood NYC Accessories at!

GoodWood NYC Background:

GoodWood NYC was started in 2007 by combining both art and fashion with designing products engraved and assembled into wooden accessories.

All of the products made by GoodWood NYC are created and designed in their work shop in Brooklyn, New York. Every GoodWood piece is hand sanded, painted and assembled with extreme attention to detail and quality.

Many of GoodWood’s products have been worn by a number of celebrities and tastemakers including Snoop Dogg, Nas, Chromeo, Bun B and Mos Def, to name a few.

GoodWood has also been involved in collaborations, creating pieces for brands such as Famous Star and Straps, Nike 6.0, DC shoes, Supply Circuit, and Mishka.

The Brand also creates custom designed pieces which are completely hand painted and involve crystals and wood inlays. These techniques have been recently introduced to the product line in pieces such as The Lion and the Money Bags.

GoodWood will keep creating unique products that push the limits of the accessories game. Never letting you forget they are: GoodWood

The above information is from the GoodWood NYC website.