How often do you shop for accessories? It probably should be more than what you do now. Why? Everyone kind of wears the same clothes. Every guy has a flannel shirt and men's jeans outfit. Every girl wears leggings. What are you going to do to set yourself apart from the same styles you see in your everyday life? That's where accessories come in. You can remix these overplayed styles by adding complements like hats, watches, socks, and sunglasses. How awesome would it be if you wore the regular black leggings, but added some colorful socks ? Forget the leggings all together and wear a pair of knee high socks. Or if you had a Nixon watch, dudes would probably pay less attention to the played out plaid and pay more attention to your wrist. If you are headed to class, make sure your fit is complimented with a school backpackscool bag, or a cute tote bag. The best part about Tillys is that, the store is more than just fashion accessories. You can also add a little fun to your day by shopping some skateboards. If you're into surfing, make sure to check out our surf fins and accessories to complete your ocean style. Then you can film yourself cruising down steep hills with a new Go Pro. Tillys nice accessories for men and cute accessories for women don't just better compliment your outfit, they better compliment life in general.

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