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Shoes are essential. You can't go a day without putting on a pair of shoes to protect your feet. Well, maybe not if you're in the house all day, every day. If that's the case you probably need to put on some shoes and get some sunlight. The type of shoes you wear depends on the person you are. If you are natural born skater, you are going to need some shoes that will help you pull off the perfect kick flip on 6… no 8 stairs. You're probably the one to go "Off the Wall" in a pair of Vans, or rock a pair of your favorite slip-on shoes from sweet brands. Don't skate? You can walk casually in a pair of sneakers or sweet Nike SB shoes. Maybe you are a beach goer, and you can't allow sand to get into a pair of sneakers. An awesome pair of sandals will probably do the trick. You may also be the fashionista, looking for the best trends in footwear. You enjoy going through your closet to find the perfect pair of ADIDAS shoes or great booties to match your outfit. A girl like you would love a new pair of booties. It doesn't matter what your style is. Tillys has all the shoes, sandals, slippers, and boots to fit your personality. Already shopping? Check out our collection of school backpacks.