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Meister Watches Background:

Meister Watches at!

It will always be about inspiration and influence. We’re passionate about creating products that envelope the concepts of leadership. The goal is to make the wearer’s of our products feel confident about their style and to perpetually strive for greatness. We want people to conceive the idea of being positive leaders that inspire and influence.

As Meister’s we realize our responsibility… Through our passion we will cultivate leaders; Prodigy’s to Icons, our work is never done. MSTR exists to provide validation to the individuals of each generation who are deemed “influencers”. From the newly realized Prodigy, to the awe-inspiring Icon - we aspire to inspire, one accessory at a time.

“Meister” is a translation from the German word for “Master” - who is a revered leader and artisan qualified to teach others. A Meister is known as a superior taste maker who inspires others and paves the path into the future. This timepiece series was created to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion without compromising traditional craftsmanship.

Meister watches feature multi-pieced designs that blend various materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel, and an assortment of rare leathers into a bold collection of functional timepieces.

MSTR became the representation of the brand; as the abbreviation of Meister and as a tentative acronym to further our universal reach as a company.

The above information is from the Meister Watches website.

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