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Ethika Boxers at!

Ethika Boxers Background:

The Birth - Years back a group of close friends went on a journey starting from the rainy hills of Ireland, down to the plains of Africa, and ending back home in the USA. They found themselves recapping the crazy ventures that was filled with fun, good people, risky missions, unpredictable paths, and stories that set the bar for how they wanted to live their lives. One of the tribal chiefs that helped guide them used the word ""Ethika"" to describe our wolf pack of friends. Soon after, they trademarked the word, which symbolized their way of life and every mission from that point on.

First Steps - In 2001, Ethika took its first steps toward becoming the ""With You Everywhere"" brand. Under apparel was the category that represented what they felt was the most essential piece of clothing covering the sword and the stones. From their friendships to their product, they have always wanted to be bound by true quality. Through their entire R&D, they realized that the solution was simple - form, fit, and function. Ethika symbolizes the passion, dedication, and obligation we all have to living out our dreams. No bells, no whistles, no smoke and mirrors. They aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, just make a kick-ass set of underwear.

YFL (young for life) – Ethika’s familie of earthling type humans can be represented by a simple formula, Lifestyle = (Skate + Moto + Bmx + Snow) X (Music + Art). Over the last ten years 50+ of the world’s best athletes, ranging from prodigies to legends, have worked with us to develop a single style of underwear that allows championship performance and a ""yes please"" reaction from the she figures. It doesn't matter what you're hittin' long as your gettin' after it. You love it, we live it. Live it with us...

The above information is from the Ethika website.

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