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Tribal at!

Tribal Background:

The original idea behind Tribal in 1989 still remains today. To represent who we are collectively and express ourselves through our art, lifestyle and images without compromise.
Our feeling is that we have never lived in a cultural box. Being products of Southern California we have been exposed and have contributed to what is now considered to be the Westcoast Lifestyle. A lifestyle we take great pride in. A mixture, mashed up blend of our own reality and experiences. We live it, love it and represent it worldwide to the fullest as no one else ever has.
We have generated international interest through our images, clothing and those who contribute and rock it. Through our experiences and network we have now become a worldwide clique of talent, friendship, business associates and culture. Our inspiration comes from our surroundings and each other. We have grown in an environment that has exposed us to a complex, artistic, fun and exciting way of life.
The cultural lines have been melted and the lines blurred. This is who we are. This is who we really are. This is not to say that traditionalists do not exist amongst us but rather that we are all encompassing without labels and continually transcending.
Over the past twenty years we have grown into a very eclectic and international group of individuals who are considered some of the biggest and best worldwide in graffiti, rock, b-boys, tattoo artists, low-rider’s etc. We are a unique blend, a hub, a collective. A representation of our reality worldwide and more than just a clothing line. We are a platform, a movement, a clique that is second to none in talent and versatility.

The above information is from the Tribal website.